Clinicians: Manage 4G Devices


To ensure the optimal use of devices, please make sure that your patients has Duracell branded batteries (AA) in case of battery replacement for weight scales and blood pressure monitors. Your patient also needs strong cellular network which is usually found in living rooms or bedrooms. 

Body Weight Scale is not waterproof nor calibrated to measure more than 200 kg (440 lb). The scale is for individual use only. 

For a Blood Glucose Monitor, your patient must avoid using strips of brands other than the ones they are provided with. 

The Blood Glucose Meter is a single use device. 

Do not recommend the use of a Blood Pressure Monitor if your patient has a cardiac device, such as a defibrillator or a pacemaker. Do not recommend the use of a Blood Pressure Monitor if your patient is pregnant. 

1. Log in to CareSimple. 

2. On the portal, press on Devices

3. Assigned devices from all groups combined are displayed on this page. If you want to see devices from a particular group, simply press  All groups on top of your screen and select the desired group to filter results. 

You also have the possibility to view all unassigned devices by clicking on the  Unassigned option in grey.

3. Use the search bar to find a device that belongs to a specific patient. Looking for a blood pressure monitor in particular? Type it in the search bar as well to quicken your research. Location and Condition columns indicate where and how the given device is at a glance. Whenever needed, update the location and the condition of devices by pressing the arrow icon next to the description. A dropdown menu will appear for you to select the accurate statement. 

Unassign or Reassign a Device 

4. If your patient does not need his device anymore, place your mouse on your patient's MRN number for the Unassign and Reassign buttons to appear. Click on the desired option.

If you press Unassign, a message will follow asking you to confirm your choice. 

If you press Reassign, you will be redirected to another page. 

5. Use the search bar to reassign the device to an existing patient. If you have more than one patient bearing the name you typed in the search bar, select the right one and press Confirm. Otherwise, simply click on Reassign once you have found your patient. 

Add Device from Patient Chart 

If you decide to prescribe another device to a patient, you can easily do it from the patient's profile. This also applies to a patient who did not have a device in the first place. 

6. Go to the dashboard and find your patient using the search bar. Once you are on the patient's profile, scroll down the dropdown menu on the right side of your screen and click on Add devices

7. Follow the presented steps at the end of the page to order the needed device(s).

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