Clinicians: Use Clinical Time Logging


Automatic Clinical Time Log 

1. Log in to CareSimple. 

2. Click on the Settings icon located at the top of your screen. 

3.  Automatic Clinical Time Log is set by default. Perhaps an office manager or an information technology professional have to operate on a patient's profile; therefore, turning off the automatic time log by pressing the blue button will prevent the record of clinical time while non-clinical staff use the CareSimple platform. 

Default Billing Code 

4. Select your billing code by default among the different options displayed. 

Billing reports will be issued based on your clinical activities using the option Default Billing Code. Whether you are a NP or an MA, recorded time will be accumulated and displayed on the patient's profile as well as the patient's summary PDF. 

5. Save your new billing code. 

Clinical Time Logging for a Specific Patient 

6. Select the patient whose profile is of interest on the dashboard. 

7. With the Automatic Clinical Log Time on, your time spent is instantly tracked once you open the patient's profile. The timer will keep running for as long as you stay on the patient's profile. 

7. Scroll down the dropdown menu located at the right side of your screen. Clinical time logging is under the patient's profile. 

8. Two different timers are displayed including the one associated to your default billing code. You can choose to pause the default timer and press play on the other at any time.

Manual Time Adding 

Let's say that you accidentally press pause on the timer or that you notice that the automatic clinical time log is turned off while you were on a patient's profile. 

9. Click on the Add time manually located on top of timers. 

4. Select the appropriate billing code and enter the time spent on the patient's case. Choose the date where the extra time was done. It could be today just like the day before. 

8. Click on Add clinical time to update the accumulated time displayed on previously selected timer. 

Delete Time Entry 

If by mistake there is unwanted time record while you are on the patient's profile, you can always delete the record. 

9. Go to the dashboard and locate your patient using the search bar. On the patient's profile, click on Clinician Activity. 

9. Delete the entry.

Once you close the profile or return to dashboard, the timer will automatically end and the time spent on the patient's profile will be recorded. Total time will appear on the used timer as well as in the patient's summary PDF whenever needed. 

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