Use the Video Call Feature


1. Log in to CareSimple.

2. On your dashboard, find the patient you would like to video call.

3. Click on the three dots next to the patient's name. From the dropdown menu, click on "Video Call" to initiate the call with them. Note: If it is your first time using this feature, you will be have to grant access in order to use your camera and microphone.

4. Once the patient accepts the call, they will appear on the screen as well. Note: If it is the patient’s first time answering a video call, they will be have to grant access in order to use their camera and microphone. To end the video call, press on the red circle with the phone icon.

5. You will be prompted to record your time spent on the clinical time log. You must choose a “Type”, which can be either “RPM” or “CCM”. All other values will be recorded automatically. You can then press on “Add clinical time” on the bottom right to save your time.

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