Clinicians: Use the Messaging Feature


1. Log in to CareSimple.

2. Locate the patient you want to talk with then click on the three dots next to his name to launch a dropdown menu. 

3. Click on Engage

4. Type your message in the text field. Click on the paper airplane icon to send it. With this live communication feature, your patient is able to reply within seconds using the CareSimple application. 

Send Questionnaires 

1. Press the icon highlighted below.

2. Select questionnaires. Click on Done and add it to a typed message that you can send using the paper airplane icon. 

Send Files 

7. Press on the icon highlighted below.

8. Click on Choose File to send a photo or another document. Press Submit when ready. 

Share a Link 

9. Click on the icon highlighted below. 

10.  Copy and paste the link of the website you want to share into the text field. Press Submit and add it to your message. 

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