Patients: Blood Glucose Meter Errors

Problem  Potential reason  Resolution
Cannot turn on device  
No battery

   Battery not charged

   Battery connection error
Open the battery cover and check that the battery is properly inserted. If so, remove it, wait for 5 seconds then reinsert the batteries. 

Recharge battery. 

Replace battery. 
Part of the display is not working  Damaged device  Contact customer support 
Cannot turn off device by pressing middle button  Software error  Press and hold Up button, select Shutdown 
Cannot insert strips Strips inserted incorrectly.

Damaged strip. 

Incorrect make of strip.

Damaged strip sample port. 
Insert the strip in the correct way.

Use a different strip.

Use correct make of strip.

Repair or replace device.
Meter does not produce sounds Sound Volume is set to Silent Follow instructions for setting sound volume.
No response when strip is inserted into the device Battery is dead.

Strip was inserted incorrectly.

Wrong strip was inserted.

Device is damaged.
Charge the battery. 

Insert the test strip in the correct way. 

Insert the iGlucose Blood Glucose Test strip. 
No response when blood sample is applied to the strip Blood sample is not sufficient. 

Strip has been used or is damaged. 

Device is damaged. 
Repeat the test with a new test strip. and with a sufficient blood sample.

Repeat the test with a new test strip.

Check the device with a Control Solution test.
Cannot send data Weak signal or network error.  Retry later or in different location. All unsent data will be sent together with data for next test. 
Cannot synchronize time Network error. Set manually device Settings menu: Date and time. See section above on Date and time Settings.

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