Onboard Patients

1. Log in to CareSimple. 

Invitation Only 

2. Click on Invite among tabs located on the left side of your portal.  

 3. Choose the group assigned to your patient and click on Invite Only. Press Next when it is done. 

4. Fill in the blanks to provide information about your patient. When done, press Next. 

5. Select a Care Plan template among the ones available. Press Next

6. Confirm what you typed it reviewing the summary of all informations asked. If you notice a mistake, you can always press Previous located at the bottom of the screen to correct it. Otherwise, click on Next

7. That's it! Your invitation is being sent to your patient's mailbox. Add a new patient if necessary or go back to the clinical portal using one of the two buttons down below. 

Invitation and Ordering of 4G Device(s)

8.  On the Invite page of the portal, choose the group assigned to your patient and click on  Invite and Order 4G Devices. Press Next when it is done. 

9. Follow steps 4 and 5. 

10. Select which device(s) will be sent to your patient. 

11. Fill in shipping information. 

12. Follow steps 6 and 7.  

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