Clinicians: Generate All Patients' Summary Report


This generates reports for all the patients listed on the current page of your dashboard. To generate more or all of your reports, increase the number of patients per page.

1. Log in to CareSimple. 

2. Press Bulk Report (PDF) located on top of the menu. 

This feature allows you to export multiple patient's summary reports. If you want to export all files of a group in particular, select the appropriate group clicking on All groups at the top left side of your screen. Otherwise, bulk report will be applied to every group of your CareSimple clinical portal. 

3. Select the start and the end date for the reports. Pre-established date ranges are available in the dropdown menu. When you are ready, press Generate PDF Report

4. You will automatically be redirected to the dashboard. Press Reports on top of the menu once you see a notification. 

5. Scroll down until you see Bulk Report. Click on Download Zip to have all of your patient's file saved on your computer. 

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