Clinicians: Manage Compliance and Medical Alerts

1. Log in to CareSimple. 

2. You are automatically directed to medical alerts on the portal. 

Medical alerts are set to be filtered according to severity which is illustrated by icons. You can always view alerts from the oldest to the most recent clicking on Date; viewing patients with the highest number of alerts first is also possible when you click on Number. Finally, clicking on Patient name will allow you to display patient in alphabetical order. 

3. Roll out alerts using the arrow on the right side of each description. 

Considering that the severity filter is set by default, the first alert displayed on the dropdown menu is always the oldest one. It allows you to prioritize alerts that have been triggered for a longer time. 

4. Use the checkbox to open alerts and decide which action is most appropriate. You can click on multiple checkboxes to simultaneously complete alerts if needed. 

5. View compliance alerts clicking on Compliance where all feature previously described are also available.  

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