Clinicians: Add Observation to Care Plan


1. Log in to CareSimple. 

2. Locate your patient on the dashboard and click on the three dots next to his name. Select Care Plan on the dropdown menu that will follow. 

2. Select Edit Care Plan.

2. Press Add under the Observations section.  

3. On the pop-up menu, select the type of observation you need to document. Customize the notification content clicking on the text field or keep it as it currently is. You can also choose the date and time of the observation and decide whether it had to be recurrent or not. If that's the case, choose the frequency : daily, weekly or monthly. Generate a chosen action in case of non-compliance. 

Press Add when ready. 

6. In order to save your changes to the care plan, you must press Apply to Patient at the top. 

To learn more about viewing and editing care plans, click here.

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