Patients: How to Use Your Scale


Use your device in a living room or a bedroom for ideal cellular network. In case of battery replacement, use brand new and unexpired Duracell batteries for optimal data transmission. 

Do not have more than one person use a given scale. Avoid device contact with water. One scale is calibrated for a maximum of 200 kg (440 lb).  

If you received a 4G device from your doctor in the mail, please follow these steps:

1. Once you have opened the box, you will find a scale, 4 AA batteries as well as instructions on how to use your device.

2. Turn over your scale and locate the battery compartment. Insert the 4 AA batteries provided.

3. When you are ready to weigh yourself, take off your shoes and any heavy clothing.

4. To wake up your device, tap the center of the scale with one foot and remove it. When the display reads “0.0”, you can proceed with the next step.

5. Now that your device is awake and displays “0.0”, step on the scale to weigh yourself. When your weight is displayed, step off the scale. A hatched box will form indicating the progress of your measurement being sent to your doctor.

Note: If you would like to do more, you can download our free app. Search for "CareSimple" on the "App Store" or "Google Play" store. With the app, you can communicate with your doctor, monitor your progress, view your care plan and more.

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