Patients: Pair Your Pulse Oximeter (iOS)


1. Open the CareSimple app on your phone or tablet and go to the "Settings" page under the ''Profile'' tab.

2. Tap on "Connected Health" and then the "Bluetooth" tab. Scroll through the list to find the device you would like to pair. Once you find "Nonin Medical Inc. Model 3230 Pulse Oximeter", tap directly on it to begin the pairing process. 

3. Press "Pair" to initiate the pairing and follow the on-screen instructions.  Note: Bluetooth must be enabled in your smartphone settings.

4. Place the finger in the device. 

5. On the "Bluetooth Pairing Request" pop-up, press "Pair". 

6. After successfully pairing, the pulse oximeter screen will display your measurement. Tap "Save". A confirmation page will appear indicating your device has paired correctly.

7. Tap the back arrow to go back to the "Bluetooth" page. The device will now be listed under "CONNECTED" and will have a blue checkmark indicating it is paired.

8. Tap the back arrow to return to the "Settings" page and again to return to the home page.

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