Patients: Sign Up via Email/SMS Invite


1. Check your email for the "CareSimple" Invitation".

2. Open the email and click on "Accept".

3. Make sure your name is entered correctly as well enter your birthdate.

4. Set a password in the password field and press on "Sign Up". Important: Be sure to remember the password you set.

5. The "CONSENT TO SHARE YOUR DATA?" pop-up will appear. To proceed, you must choose "I Consent".

6. You can now download the Tactio Patient application on your mobile device.

7. Once the CareSimple app is downloaded, you can open it on your phone. Tap on "Log In".

8. Enter your email address and the password you used to sign up. Once you tap on "Log In", the Welcome Page will appear.

9. Tap on "Start" and answer through the patient profile questionnaire to setup your account. Once you submit the questionnaire, the thank you page will appear. Tap on "Done" to go to the home page.

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