Clinicians: View a Patient's Logbook


1. Log in to CareSimple.

2. Locate the patient whose data is of interest and click on his name to see profile. 

Patient's latest measurements are automatically displayed once you are on the patient's profile. 

3. Use the funnel icon to filter data considering that all measurements are displayed by default. 

4. Scroll down to select or deselect measurements that will appear in the logbook; a blue check mark indicates what you will see. Press Ok when you are ready. 

5. Choose the date range of displayed measurements by using the dropdown menu. The last 15 days are set by default. 

Delete Entries 

Manual entries can lead to mistakes. Here is how we have taken that into consideration. 

1. Click on the pencil icon. 

2. Press  Delete on the pop-up message. A second pop-up will appear to confirm whether you want to delete the entry. 

View Reference Ranges 

Reference ranges determine the colour of measurements. Consult them any time. 

1. Press the ruler icon. Reference values will appear right away.

View the Data Chart

The evolution of the data is easily identifiable with the help of a graph. We have made it available to you.

1. Click on the tab on the right-hand side of the logbook.

2.  Select which observation to view by clicking on it. Customize the date range by pressing on the dropdown highlighted below. 

3. Click on the tab on the right-hand side to return to the original view. 

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