Clinicians: Navigate the Patient's Profile


1. Log in to CareSimple.

2. On your dashboard, locate the patient whose profile is of interest. 

3. Click on the three dots next to the patient's name. From the dropdown menu, click on "Profile". The profile will appear on the right-hand side. 

4. At the top, you can see the patient's name, gender and age. Next to that, you have the option to delete the patient's profile by clicking on "Delete". Note: It's recommended that you use the “Export CSV” function within the patient profile in order to extract the data to keep it in your own records, archive or audit trail.

5. There is a menu of potential actions/pages specific to that patient. From left to right, the options are: "Add Record", "Logbook", "Clinical Log", "Engage", "Video Call", "Report", "Questionnaires", "Care Plan" and "Export CSV". 

6. Below, we have a dropdown to add a tag to the patient's profile. Click on the dropdown menu and select the tag(s) you want to add. 

7. Next, is the "Clinical Time Logging" section. The time added will be accumulated and displayed on the patient's profile and also on the PDF report. View the "Clinical Time Logging" article for further instructions. 

8. Lastly, you can view/edit information about the patient. By clicking on the "General" tab, you can view the patient's personal information and by clicking on the "Medical" tab, you can view the patient's medical information. 

9. If you make any changes under the patient's profile, you must click "Save" at the bottom right. 

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