Clinicians: Generate All Patients' Data


1. Login to CareSimple.

2. Click on Reports on top of the menu. 

3. Scroll down until you see Practice Measurement Export. Press Export

4. Select which measurement to include in every report by clicking on it. Each checkmark indicates displayed measurement in reports in the making. Use Select All and Deselect All to accelerate the process if needed. 

5. Customize the date range using both calendar icons next to the date field. Click on Export when ready. 

6. A message will appear next to your patient's group name to notify you of the progression of the export. You can back to the dashboard and wait for the notification to pop up on Reports located at the top menu. 

7. Press Download CSV once your report is ready for export. 

The exported file contains all selected measurements for every patients of your clinician group. 

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